Roraima - Trekking Tour (6 days / 5 nights)

On the border to Brazil and Guyana, deep in the south east of the country, you will find one of the most impressive of the 97 tepuis of the Gran Sabana; Roraima. Until the 19th century there were only speculations about the 2870m high plateau.
The Pemon Indians, who live here, never tried to climb the mountain because it is a holy place for their gods. There is a couple of hundreds meters declining wall, which is the reason for the unique world of animals and plants which has developed in million of years.

Day 1: On the morning of the first day we start with the jeep from Santa Elena to go to the Indian village Paraitepuy (1200m). From here on we will be walking. On our 4 hours walk to the Kukenan Camp we will be crossing two rivers. Depending on the water level, it can be a real adventure. If it is high water the guides will bend a rope over the river and help you of course. The camp Kukenan where we will eat supper and spend the night lies 1050m above sea level.

Day 2: Today we start walking after breakfast to the base camp (1870m). On our way we will pass hilly landscape of savannah and see orchids and carnivorous plants. During this 5 hours walk, we will see the massive of Roraima the whole time. In the afternoon we will reach the base camp which is directly below Roraima. We will have a warm supper in the camp.

Day 3: After a refreshment we start the steep hike to the massive plateau of Roraima. The plateau stands ca. 700m out of the tropical rainforest and has a maximal expansion of 15 km. The first 2 hours are going to be high raising through the tropical rainforest till the ramp of the Tepui. To get to the top (2800m) we will need another 2 hours. We will pass impressing mountain formations, vertical and steep rock face and a unique vegetation.
When we have reached the plateau we will build up our camp in one of the so called hotels (outstanding rocks or caves) and have a light lunch. During the afternoon we will explore the plateau before returning to the camp to eat supper.

Day 4: Our goal of the day is to discover this 160 million old table mountain. We will walk to the valley of crystals while passing bizarre stone formations, which will fire our imagination. If it is good weather we will have a fantastic view to the other table mountains. 80% of the animals and plants on Roraima are endemic, which means that you will not find them anywhere else in the world!!! For supper we go back to our camp and.

Day 5: In the morning we can enjoy one more time the overwelhming vue from the plateau and internalise the impressions of the last days. Today we have a 7 hours walk ahead of us until we reach the camp at the river tök. We will start at 2800m, walk down the ramp, through the jungle until we reach the camp at 1050m. Of course we have to cross the two rivers again. In the Tek camp we have the opportunity to take a refreshing bath while our guides are preparing supper. If the weather allows it, we will have a fantastic view of the two tepuis Roraima and Kukenan. A last greeting from the past.

Day 6: After breakfast we will start with our last part of our journey „Lost World“. After walking for 4 hours we reach Paraitepuy. IT IS FORBIDDEN TO TAKE CRISTALS WITH YOU!!! The employees of the national park will check each person closely.
After lunch we go back by car to Santa Elena.

What you should bring to the tour:
- good walking shoes and trekking sandals (thick socks)
- light or short pants to walk with, warm cloth for the evenings
- rain coat
- swimming cloth
- head-covering, sun cream
- insect repellent
- pocket knife, flash light
- 1 litre water bottle
- passport
We recommend not to take more than 10 kg!

Tour price:
2 persons, per person 1.850.000,- Bolivar
3 persons, per person 1.650.000,- Bolivar
from 4 persons on, per person 930.000,- Bolivar
In most cases there are 4 or more persons for the trek.

Transport from Santa Elena to Paraitepuy and back to Santa Elena, professional English speaking guide, on request also in German possible, porters for the food, cooking equipment and tents (sleeping bags and ground mats will be carried by you)
5x breakfast with break, cheese, ham, marmalade, coffee and juice
5x light lunch with different salads and bread
5x supper, good vine to celebrate the successful advancement
lunch and cold drinks on the last day, when we get picked up
first aid kit
Mobil phone for case of emergency

By bus, air plane or transfer to Santa Elena. If you like we will reserve a room for you and help you to organise your arrival in Santa Elena.

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