Day tour - Peninsula of Paria
"Turuépano National Park" and "Poza el Gato"

The national park of Turuépano is a foretaste of the Delta of Orinoco with its richness of animals and plants. Here we find as well a wet landscape with a lot of streams and tied mangrove woods and impressive giants of the jungle in the green of the rain forest. This adventure trip is very attractive because it has not yet been discovered by the tourists. The nature is still untouched and originally. Turuépano has been declared to a national park in 1989 because it is one of the last shelter worldwide for the manatees. With a lot of luck it is possible to see one of these unique animals.
Our tour starts in the South east direction. After one hour we reach a fisher village at the Cano de Ajies. In this creek we find thick mangrove woods. We will discover one amazing effect: the water in the river is changing from salty to sweet water, depending on the tide. The mangroves have adapted very well to such a live in such a tropical tide area.
Now we go directly with the boat into the damp tropical landscape. We drive on the Cano de Ajies and discover the small sidearm Cano Viejo. This small paradise of nature is the home for a lot of different types of animals. We see red ibis, monkeys, a lot of different birds and with some luck snakes, river dolphins and caimans. Our guide knows the places where to find the animals. We can decide on our own how long this "expedition" takes. Everything between 3 and 6 hours is possible. After the boat trip we go with an off- road vehicle on small paths to the direction "end of civilisation".
Without an off-road vehicle or a donkey we would not get anywhere. The view of the tropical cloud forest is terrific and we enjoy this view while having a pick-nick. Then we start a walk through the jungle till we reach a creek. Here starts a further adventure- we cross the slippery creek till we reach "Poza el Gato". It is a beautiful, natural pool which gets its water from some small waterfalls in the middle of the jungle with crystal - clear water.
Under the waterfall is a small grotto which we can discover; but we have to swim to enter it. A little bit further away is one more natural swimming pool "La Gatica" where we can relax. There is an even more impressing grotto.

good walking shoes with anti-slipping sol which can be wet (f. ex. trekking sandals), swimming cloths

Price of the tour from Cumana:
   from 2 persons on: price on request
   from 4 persons on: ca. 80,00 Euro p.P.
(We can arrange this tour also from Carupano, Chacopata or La Pena - please ask for the price)

transfer from Cumana, Carupano, Chacopata, La Pena
cool box with drinks and lunch packets
chaperon: domestic driver and guide
4x4 vehicle

With the bus or a transfer from Cumana, Carupano or Chacopata or with the plane to Cumana / Carupano. If you like we reserve for you an accommodation and organise pick-up and transfer services.

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